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A little personal project I started just over a year ago is getting A LOT of attention today on the internet. It all started with a hat that my parents gave my daughter for her birthday just over a year ago. It was cute on her, and I thought I would see what our dog, Charlie, […]

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting yet another cute lil Frenchbo, Pheobe. Emily and Craig have jumped right into parenting with this adorable little furball (Frenchbo puppies might be the cutest of alllllll puppies, no bias of course) and I had a great time shooting all three of them. I love all puppies (who […]

Kelsea and Rayne Dog are amazing subjects. I met Kelsea when I teamed up with Diamond Dogs a few months ago and asked if I could shoot her and Rayne again, but this time outside. Happily she said yes and off to Beacon Hill Park we went.

Katie is a dog trainer. She has two dogs, Isabelle (Izzy) and Rocky (The Rock Star). Izzy is cute and sounds like a pig. Rock is well, a Rock Star, and can climb trees!! It was a great pleasure meeting Katie and her lil four legged family. If you are looking for a trainer, dog […]

Charlie and I have been working on regaining trust between us and I am happy to report things are getting a lot better. I have found a beach that is close by and not filled with kids and other dogs and I have been letting him “run free” more and more. He still needs to […]






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