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Brian and Raquel have an international love story that makes me want to run away to Europe and be a gypsy. Now that they have a dog though, I have a feeling their life of travel will be a little more subdued. Monty is the sweetest Australian Shepard mix who looks best when you tell […]

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of shooting (ie photographing – you can’t be too careful throwing around a word like shooting!) some seriously adorable dogs. ┬áBen and Rayne. There was a third dog too, but he is a surprise for his owner, so I can’t let him out into the internet just yet. […]

It’s tough running a dog daycare and grooming business. Just ask Samie-Pearl and Megan from Diamond Dogs. There are dogs to supervise. There are dogs to wash.   There are dogs to groom.   There are dogs to walk.┬áThere are tricks to be taught. There are heads to scratch.Treats to be given out. And even […]

What can I say about Tom Selleck? He is full of energy, loves to chase his ball and will happily rip the price tag off of any new dog toy. Granted this Tom Selleck is a dog, but he was the celebrity of the evening all the same. I had a great time hanging out […]

Jeremiah and Alison got there lil fur ball just a few weeks after Kevin and I got ours, so I was ecstatic that after nearly six months I got to meet Duncan! Now you can meet him too! Although he looks pretty calm (and super adorable) in most of these photos, don’t be fooled. He […]






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