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The Schaefers ¬†used to be neighbors, so it was such a pleasure to be able to catch up with them for some family photos, ¬†right before their new son were born.  

I will be participating in the Mini Modern Pop Up this weekend at The Uptown Shopping Centre, with a Pop Up Studio. I will have a simple black backdrop set up and a couple of seating “options,” including a low stool and a black, fully backed chair (for those still mastering sitting up). I encourage […]

I really shouldn’t be surprised that people I knew in high school now have kids, but I am. And it also makes me feel a little old. But babies are cute and pretty soon that is all I am thinking about. It was such a pleasure meeting this little guy and catching up with his […]

I love it when I get to follow up with wedding clients and meet new babies. These two where one of my all time favorite couples to work with and I know they are going to be great parents.  

Xela and Dean have extended their family by one and now have two beautiful daughters. It has been such a pleasure watching this little family grow.






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