Who Wore It Better

A little personal project I started just over a year ago is getting A LOT of attention today on the internet.

It all started with a hat that my parents gave my daughter for her birthday just over a year ago. It was cute on her, and I thought I would see what our dog, Charlie, looked like with it on. He was NOT impressed with it, but I was on the floor laughing at his sad reaction, so I took a couple photos on my iPhone of each of them. The next day I was cleaning out a drawer and found a pair of glasses that had belonged to my Grandfather. Having found the hat amusing I figured I would try the glasses too. The dog was even LESS impressed with glasses, but the kiddo enjoyed playing with them, so I posted the photos to Instagram. At the time, the dog and the kid were almost the same size, so it seemed like a natural fit to keep comparing them.  Here is a look at some of my faves. Or you can head over to my Tumblr to see even more. Or follow along as I continue with this project on Instagram.


Jesse Holland Photo 20Jesse Holland Photo 22Jesse Holland Photo 17Jesse Holland Photo 16Jesse Holland Photo 18Jesse Holland Photo 19Jesse Holland Photo 21Jesse Holland Photo 15Holland_141124_5616_WEBJesse Holland Photo 12Jesse Holland Photo 14Jesse Holland Photo 15IMG_2861IMG_3707IMG_4273IMG_4284IMG_4559IMG_4612IMG_4619IMG_4628









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