Chasing Charlie at the Beach

Charlie and I have been working on regaining trust between us and I am happy to report things are getting a lot better. I have found a beach that is close by and not filled with kids and other dogs and I have been letting him “run free” more and more. He still needs to get better about coming on command, but all in all we have had some good walks lately. And when you don’t have to hold onto a leash taking photos becomes a lot easier. This last shot, just cracks me up. Charlie found what I am sure is some sort of dried excrement, and thinks it is the best thing since bacon scraps. He rubbed himself on this log for the full 45 seconds it took me to realize what he was doing and make him stop. Thankfully whatever he smells I don’,t and he didn’t stink on the car ride home (though I did still give him a bath when we got home).






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