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I have shot a couple weddings alongside Cassie and it has always been a pleasure. Cassie’s videos are always beautifully edited and I am not the only one to think so! For the last couples years she has taken home the “Best Videographer” Award at our local Vancouver Island Wedding Awards. As someone who only shoots stills it is really fun to watch the videos of weddings I have shot and see them through a new set of eyes. If you are on the hunt for a videographer do yourself a favor and check out Cassie’s work. 

What is your editing process? It has to be hard to condense an entire day’s worth of footage into a short video?
Wedding films have changed a little over the years- rather than continuous recording all day long resulting in a 10-hour video, we are capturing all of the small and big moments and creatively editing them together- resulting in beautiful, watchable films. Over the years we have definitely created a workflow for editing- we start by putting the ceremony and speeches together- finding the best sound bites and moments for the film. We then go through all of our footage from the day and weave the story of the day together. It doesn’t feel like hard work because it’s creative, the moments are special, and I always enjoy imagining the reaction of people who are going to watch what we create!
How long have you been doing wedding videography?
I’ve been creating video content for nearly 10 years. I started as a bright-eyed student in the Film & TV program at Humber College in Toronto, and eventually made my way to Vancouver Island. I worked in a camera store for a while, which really furthered my technical education. I started the wedding film business about 5 years ago and it has brought me to some amazing places with excellent people!
How far in advance should brides get in touch?
It’s not always the case, but wedding videography tends to be one of the last things booked. It’s one of those categories that can be overlooked due to budget constraints, but not having video can often end up being one of the biggest regrets. There is something special about seeing the motions of your loved ones, and having the sounds of your vows & speeches recorded.
I would suggest reaching out anywhere from 8 to 14 months before the wedding. Even if a wedding is coming up soon, it’s worth it to see if we’re still available!
What was one of your favorite moments from last year?
I was able to travel a lot throughout North America for weddings and commercial work last year, which is great. Even if the weddings are here at home, I love being able to capture the essence of an area. One of the highlights was a road trip to Jasper- capturing the stunning beauty of the place they chose to get married.
One of my favourite moments was experiencing the ways one of my brides incorporated her late father into the wedding. Their wedding was held at Disneyworld in Florida, and her dad’s essence was felt throughout the occasion. As she walked down the aisle with her mom, roses were handed to her and the bouquet symbolized her dad- just one of the many ways he was honoured. It can be really tough getting through a wedding without a parent or special loved one present, which I became even more aware of after losing my own dad in the recent past. I enjoy seeing how people incorporate others into their day- as much as the day is about the couple, it’s also about their families and friends. I’m always aware of how important the memories I capture for people are.
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