2022 Year In Review

2022 was actually great year! I was incredibly busy, in part because I was making up for two very lean years thanks to the ‘vid. Despite the huge volume of work I also managed to squeeze in a lot of fun and very intentionally carved out time in the summer to spend time with my friends and family.

I have been taking photos for close to thirteen years now and even after hundreds of weddings I still got to experience quite a few “firsts” this year.

Some stand out first were:

Falling off a cliff while shooting, thankfully the only thing bruised was my ego, as I only fell about 2 feet.

Having a couple not realize they needed a marriage license and therefore not being able to legally get married.

And learning that a couple’s house (a rental, not their residence) literally burned down while I was shooting their engagement photos. The soon to be groom got a phone call 30 minutes into our shoot.

In addition to weddings and engagement sessions I photographed a bunch of families, continued shooting for the Canadian Pension Plan, took photos for the City of Colwood, helped three people get elected to city council positions by taking their candidate headshots and did a number of very fun jobs covering corporate events, taking headshots and taking photos for various businesses social media and websites.

I love photographing families and especially like it when parents with adult children take the initiative to do family photos.

This year was very busy with weddings and I photographed 21 different couples tying the knot.

I also got a jump start on engagement sessions for weddings in 2023 (and beyond) as well as squeezing in a couple engagement sessions for couples who got married this year.

And proposals! I love playing “photo ninja” and hiding out to capture proposals.

And here is a snapshot of the “grab bag” of all the other sort of shoots I did in 2022.






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