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I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle, from Trend Decor, at a couple weddings and it is always a pleasure to see her visions come to life. She has an amazing set of rentals and the loveliest little studio out in Metchosin. Here are some photos I took at her studio as I continue my Vendor Love Series. Happy Friday!


How long have you been offering decor & design services?

I worked in the wedding industry for 4 years prior to deciding to open up my own design boutique focusing specifically on weddings, events, and rentals so this will be my forth summer wedding season as the owner & lead designer of Trend Decor.

How exactly did you land in this field?
I initially trained in Fine Arts but quickly realized that selling oil paintings probably wasn’t going to work for me long term! I then went on to complete the Wilderness Outdoor Adventure Tourism program as I had my sights set on traveling the world. Funnily enough this was totally not my thing either as I came to learn that I would way rather be the staff member mingling with guests back at camp then the one leading the thrill seekers through the Australian jungle or the Swiss Alps!However, my tourism degree did pay off when I landed myself a great position working with the Victoria Harbour Authority. I was there for a number of years taking the lead on their Special Events (which I loved!), however I always found myself looking for ways to add creative and unique touches to my day-to-day work. When I found weddings, it was the perfect combination of my formal training and my passion and love for the arts and DIY projects!
What else should we know about the woman behind Trend Decor?
This is a hard one as Trend Decor is such a big part of my life… at least during the crazy summer wedding season! The centre of my life is my three daughters (ages 10,8 and almost 3!) as well as my very handsome and handy husband, Brad! Starting a family was a huge part of why I made the leap to small businesses ownership – I wanted to be home with the girls as much as possible but also needed a way to fuel my somewhat compulsive shopping habit (taper candles and gold pressed frames get me EVERY. TIME.). Trend Decor was the perfect answer!
How far in advance should couples get in touch?
This totally varies but most of my couples get in touch 6-18 months in advance of their wedding date. It’s a pretty big range of time but for full design packages, couples usually secure my services about a year in advance. With all of my signature packages I work directly with the couple or their planner to create a design and style that is unique to their own personalities and tastes. With these packages we will often source totally unique items specifically for them so the more time I have to source these pieces, the better.

Do you offer any additional services? 
Absolutely. For couples who have booked full design packages I also offer vendor booking services to ensure that vendors are secured that not only suit the couple’s personality and budget but also fit with the unique design of the wedding. Planning and Coordination services are offered through my company in partnership with local wedding planner, Emma McCormick. As I carry  a large and diverse inventory I am also able to offer items for rent to other couples as well as work with my fellow friends, the many talented planners and designers out there!

What is your advice to couples who feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. Between wedding blogs and Pinterest it must get pretty overwhelming?

This is constantly something that brides and grooms can experience – there’s sometimes almost too much inspiration out there and often that feeling of overwhelm can set in pretty quickly and make the design process less fun for everyone. I encourage my clients to spend the first part of the process looking at Pinterest, the magazines, and all the blogs then, typically, about 6-8 months out we’ll start pulling all their inspiration together and really firming up the overall design and style of the wedding. Once we’ve done this, I encourage them to take a Pinterest detox and focus on other fun wedding details, like the cake tastings and choosing favors! Often at this point we’ll also “clean up” their Pinterest boards to reflect the decided on style so they can focus on their wedding design without the distraction of thousands of other, “Pinterest recommended ideas!” That being said, we adapt to changes too, so if couples want to add in something awesome at the last minute because it’s the perfect fit, I always make that happen!

 You can find Danielle on Facebook and Instagram.







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